Current software version: beta

Who we are and why we built L-Rex

L-Rex is developed by Marta (GitHub profile↗) and Alexej (GitHub profile↗). We have been continuously working on it since February 2019. The idea for L-Rex stems from Marta's work as a linguist with a research focus on acceptability rating experiments. The main motivation is to make setting up this specific kind of experiment quick, easy, and error-proof.

The project is also a great learning experience for us regarding developing and maintaining a free and open-source software project. We hope to provide a useful, accessible and privacy-friendly research tool for everyone working with rating experiments. All functions are available without payment, advertisement or user tracking.

How is the project funded?

We develop L-Rex in our free time and without external funding. This gives us full control of the project and the freedom to focus on aspects important to us.

We are planning to cover the server and maintenance costs via optional support in the form of donations.


The L-Rex project has benefited greatly from contributions and feedback by various people:

How to cite L-Rex

If you want to cite L-Rex in a publication, you can use a bibliography entry along the following lines:

Alexej Starschenko and Marta Wierzba (2021). L-Rex: Linguistic rating experiments [software], version beta, GNU General Public License v3.0, https://github.com/2e2a/l-rex/.

If you use Bib(La)TeX, you can use the following entry:

  title = {{L-Rex Linguistic rating experiments [software], version beta}},
  author = {Alexej Starschenko and Marta Wierzba},
  year = {2021},
  note = {{GNU General Public License v3.0}},
  url = {https://github.com/2e2a/l-rex/}

As for the L-Rex logo, you may copy, distribute, display, adapt it for non-commercial purposes if you credit the author: David Muigg-Spörr↗, CC BY-NC 3.0 de.