Support us

There are several ways in which you can support the L-Rex project financially. We are very grateful for any contribution. Your support helps us to cover the server costs and to invest time into maintaining L-Rex, fixing bugs, and implementing new features. Support from researchers who have funding for experiments makes it possible to offer the service for free to students and researchers with limited financial resources.

1. Optional invoice

You can optionally request an invoice. Invoices are only available for residents of Germany (for tax reasons).

Request an invoice for using L-Rex

2. Donation via Liberapay

This option is available internationally. Liberapay is a platform for recurrent donations (via credit/debit card). You can decide freely how much and for how long you want to donate to L-Rex. A Liberapay account is required. Liberapay is a privacy-friendly, open project structured around a non-profit organization.

Donate via Liberapay

3. Donation via bank transfer

You can also transfer a donation directly to our L-Rex bank account. Please note that there may be fees, especially for international transfers.

Recipient: M.Wierzba & A.Starschenko
IBAN: DE90430609671135668602